Applying for kindergarten placement

Application portal

All applications for kindergarten or SFO placement, changes or cancellations are handled in our web portal for parents and guardians. You may apply for placement or change from one kindergarten/SFO to another without logging in – but to change an active application or to cancel a place already held by your child, you need to log in to the portal.

Log in to the web portal for parents and guardians here

Logging in is convenient in any case, as your personal information will then already be filled in when you start a new application.

(For the time being, the application portal is only available in Norwegian.)

When you open the application portal, you will see this screen. Click [Language] and select English:

 Click «Logg inn med ID-porten» to log in and follow the on-screen instructions.

Applying for a new placement

Click «Childcare» for kindergarten and follow the on-screen instrucions:

Cancel or apply to change a placement

Click [My page] and select [My placement/change type of place]:

Click [Change application] or [Terminate placement] 

  Follow the on-screen instructions.

New in Norway?

To apply for a kindergarten placement, you as an applicant, and the child you apply for, must have an ID-number. You will be allocated an ID-number by the National Regstry when you are registered for residency in Norway. If you are staying for less than six months, you will be given a temporary D-number to use instad of an ID-number.

Click here for more information on moving to Norway and reporting to the National registry.